Training or Performance Support!

Recently in a discussion with some learning professionals, I was asked if there were any other alternatives to eLearning to enhance performance support. Apparently despite ample face-to-face and online trainings provided by their company, the staff wouldn’t perform as expected. At that moment, I replied eLearning (which is believed to be more cost-effective) is not necessarily the only solution for performance support. In case the staff are not performing as expected, we need to analyze and find out why they are not performing well before concluding that it’s because it’s because of their lack of knowledge or skills.

I then remembered this excellent article I’d read some time ago by Marc Rosenberg. He clearly defines performance support and explains how to implement it. He defines performance support as

 “a tool or other resource, from print to technology-supported, which provides the right amount of task guidance, support, and productivity benefits to the user_ precisely at the moment of need.”

In this post, I’ll share a snippet of the key points of the article.

pm-differtypesofPMIn a nutshell, performance support is informal, happens at workplace, and it’s by doing.

Make it happen by:

  • assessing the need,
  • seeing the bigger picture,
  • beginning with the end in mind,
  • designing for the work, &
  • defining the success criteria.

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