A Thank You Letter to Coursera

Dear Coursera,

As a patron of your generous learning service, I did my fourth coursera course, this time, by registering for the certificate to be more Motivated to complete all the course assignments and activities. May I say how considerate it is of you to enable your learners such a grand opportunity with only $50.

I completed the course with high motivation; all because of the invaluable certificate you allowed me to pay for. Most other online courses charge an arm and a leg for their service. I’m particularly grateful for your generosity to let me, an Iranian residing outside my country, take your course!

I am writing this letter to personally thank you.

When I received your email to inform me that you will abstain from granting my certificate because of my nationality, I started thinking about what more I can learn from you. And here’s my valuable lessons:

  1. As an educator for almost two decades, I learned I should be proud of my never being affected by propaganda against any country or national
  2. During my teaching career, I had the honor of teaching nationals of the countries listed in your website, and I can’t tell you what a joy it was for me to see them progress in their studies
  3. Seeing that in 21st century, there are still ‘education service providers’ with prejudicial attitude taught me to be more resilient and instead of abhorring these people, pray for their salvation
  4. You made me more determined in remaining a global citizen, as I will do more to share my knowledge with the whole world, even countries under sanction, and not mixing my educational service with political wars between nations from which certain people in governments benefit
  5. Lastly, I learned the most precious thing is knowledge which is to be shared with the world, especially with those deprived of it to make the world a better place

So I thank you, Coursera. I now understand why I will never do a course which offers a fifty-dollar certificate and follows obnoxious laws.

I guess I now know why Coursera is reputed to stand for languishing in online learning.

P.S. keep the certificate. I never thought of proudly framing it or presenting it somewhere to get a promotion.

Sincerely Yours,



6 thoughts on “A Thank You Letter to Coursera

  1. I thought the export control regulations to which Coursera is bound relates to Iranian IP addresses. I assume you undertook the course via a Singaporean IP address and thus should be eligible? Your nationality should be irrelevant.

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