My Reflections on a Learning Event

Around a week ago, I was kindly invited to speak at TLCAsia Conference organized by Blackboard.

It was indeed a great conference with great speakers who each had invaluable experiences to share. The event coincided with my birthday, for which I felt this would truly be one memorable day for me as no gift is as precious as learning and sharing. Among learning events, I love conferences most, since I get to learn different viewpoints and connect with many people.

In my presentation, I shared my case study on course design following 3E Framework. I shared different strategies a learning designer should take in tackling learning design issues. (If PPT slides are not uploaded on the conference website, I’ll share mine with you on Slideshare.)

As usual, after the event, I did some reflections and reviewed my notes. Here I’d like to share my thoughts visually. The two-day conference covered technology adoption to enhance learning and made us see a more global view of it rather than only focus on learning design. In order to have a successful technology adoption, different factors as shown below from top to bottom should be considered.


Lastly, here’s another list of what makes and exemplary course shared by Susan D’Aloia.

exemplary course


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