Another Learning Event – Another Reflection

Last week I attended LearnTech Asia conference, which I was so looking forward to. I’ll share some snippets of it and hope you’ll find this post useful.


Besides being exposed to priceless ideas by all the elite speakers, the greatest part of the event was having conversations with those who care for learning, and meeting one of my digital role models, Clark Quinn.

The conference ended with Laura Overton’s insightful presentation. Her research report (which I highly recommend you read) unfolds how to shape the future of L&D. She left us with the question:

What are you going to do differently next year as a L&D professional?”

During and after the conference, I’ve been contemplating on what I’m so used to and what I need to change in my approach to course design.

So let’s continue this conversation hoping for a better future in L&D.

*Serious eLearning (Highly recommend revisiting it too.)


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